Characteristics of Opt-In and Permission Based Marketing

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by Joel Christopher Remandaban

There is another aspect to Internet marketing that makes waves to those who are starting up in the business. It is called opt-in and permission based marketing. It works so well because it is something that possesses three characteristics that is not that emphasized in other techniques of Internet marketing.

Opt-in and permission based marketing is clearly a star in its own right when it comes to converting your prospects into buyers. This is where much of the favorable client and businessman relationship flourishes well. Briefly, we describe here the three characteristics of opt-in and permission based marketing.
This is definitely the first adjective in the magic three. Personal correspondence never fails to get the consumers’ attention. Just put yourself in the position of your lead. Wouldn’t you be just as exasperated opening another cold and uncaring email that is just obviously trying to siphon off some of their money for selfish pursuits?
If you want to be an Internet marketer with an effective opt-in listing, you must treat your leads like human being—complete with emotion, calling them by their first name (you can actually automate that!), and making them know that beyond marketing, you genuinely care about them. This is not something you do to flatter. It will not pan out properly if you are not as sincere in creating a personal touch to your business.
Opt-in lists are often anticipated. After all, it was they who explicitly subscribed under you, right? The thing about unwanted and unexpected marketing pitches is that they instantly go to the trash bin. Meanwhile, if you have the person under your opt-in list, they will really wait for the newsletter to arrive at their email inbox. The fact that they took the time to subscribe to your site means that they are willing to allot your updates some time. This is really a good opportunity to seize.
This is also another important facet of permission based marketing. The content of your newsletter must be relevant to what the person has subscribed. Since this is an anticipated marketing form, you will have to meet certain expectations as to the content and its relevance to their particular needs. This is where other marketing strategies fail.
In permission based marketing, it already answers the “what’s in it for me?” quality that most customers look for through the relevance of the things they gain from the effective Internet marketer.
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