Bringing the RSS Revolution to Your Desktop

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by Stanley Park

Until recently, the vast amount of news and other information available on the World Wide Web was accessible only by manually browsing for specific content via search engines. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) represents an information revolution that turns this concept around by actively syndicating content on an ever growing number of websites. RSS content is transmitted over the Web via “feeds” covering an extensive range of topics and interests, from general news coverage to breaking bulletins in sports, business, science, politics, the arts, and countless other fields. Users subscribe to the RSS feeds available from an increasing number of websites and receive frequent updates in their selected fields of interest via an “RSS reader” or “aggregator” that continuously gathers news from RSS-capable sites and translates it into text and links for review on-demand.
The aggregation of RSS feeds is expanding exponentially, to the point that an estimated 75.3 million people currently use this news channeling system on a regular basis. Our daily lives are constantly influenced by one source of news or another, but mainstream news media channels are often accused of biased reporting that is tainted by special interest groups. RSS feeds are not subject to censorship or news filtering and one must be aware that the information provided must be analyzed carefully just as is also true of the mainstream media, but the concept still empowers individuals to have as much of a voice as the media conglomerates.
RSS aggregators typically appear in the same basic format as a web browser page displaying a list of articles and links from feeds to which the user has subscribed. There are dozens of aggregators available to which users can turn to review the latest updates. When active, these aggregators dominate the desktop, making it necessary to set aside other applications to catch up on the latest news.
In a breakthrough development that brings the RSS news and information revolution to the next level, the upstart software development team at has created a powerful application that presents RSS feeds via an unobtrusive newsreader that scrolls directly on the desktop. While still under heavy testing, the team anticipates unleashing this remarkable application in early November 2006. The Netsplorer NewsReader™ will be completely customizable, not only appearing at either the top or the bottom of the screen, but also scrolling at a fully adjustable speed and transparency that makes it highly user friendly.
The Netsplorer NewsReader™ not only allows the user to scroll news information directly from such mainstream news feeds as CNN and the BBC, it is also capable of adding and displaying the feed from any RSS subscription, all scrolling across the desktop in clickable links that open an associated web page at the click of a mouse. For those who like to keep close track of their investments, the Netsplorer NewsReader™ also will distinguish itself by allowing users to display continuously updated delayed quotes and links to breaking news on their favorite stocks.
Netsplorer™ also provides a groundbreaking approach to RSS article posting. Previously, those who wished to submit their own articles for posting to a potential readership of millions of RSS users needed to go through many different syndication channels to achieve distribution over hundreds of separate feeds. Netsplorer™ offers the potential to deliver this original content from its own web portal. The Netsplorer NewsReader™ can also be custom branded or co-branded for any organization that wishes to provide targeted news to its customers, members, investors or other interested parties.
The Netsplorer NewsReader™ can be custom-branded to display the organization’s own logo, provided that the statement, “Powered by” is included in their marketing and distribution campaigns. This unique capability allows companies and other groups to provide their custom-branded version of the Netsplorer NewsReader™ free of charge to their clients, providing a direct link to their target market along with free end user access to the entire worldwide collection of RSS feeds.
The Netsplorer News Reader™ is certified to contain no spyware or adware. The Netsplorer NewsReader™ will be available as a freeware download from The company has set its goal on distributing the free Netsplorer™ application to millions of desktops worldwide within the next twelve months.

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Stanley Park is a business development consultant, speaker, author, and copywriter. With 15 years experience in Business Marketing Management program. He is also a technical writer for News syndication and RSS feed aggregator. He spearheaded the online marketing program for with a success ratio of over 52 million hits in the month of August 2005.
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