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Family, and friends and their families, that together create an interconnected system through which alliances are formed, help is obtained, information is transmitted, and strings are pulled. In an organizational setting, it usually constitutes the group of one's peers, seniors, and subordinates who provide privileged information on how to get things done, how the power structure operates, and who holds the strings at present.

Usage Examples

  •   They also allow social network integration, which allows you to easily share your job posting across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
    Source: The Best Places to Post Job Openings

  • Finding a business partner through your own social network might not work as well as through a related business network.
    Source: How to Find a Business Partner

  • Having already attracted Hollywood’s attention with the 2010 movie “Social Network”, loosely based on the Facebook story, the saga continues developing with the company’s upcoming IPO.
    Source: What’s Next for Facebook?

  • Google’s social networking intiative, Google+, has yet to make a dent in the social network kingpin’s market share.
    Source: Google and Innovation - A History

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