What functionality does the Cash Cockpit provide?

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The Cash Cockpit presents front-, middle- and back-office users with an integrated, complete view of their global cash position. This includes account balances that have been imported into from the banks using SAP Communication Manager, together with flows derived from treasury transactions and actual or projected flows from across the business. In some cases, business units will not use the central SAP infrastructure, so remote users can be given remote access to Cash Cockpit through an easy-to-use screen, including standard input abbreviations.

The user interface displaying the daily cash position is configurable according to the needs and preferences of each customer, and users can drill down into account balances and positions to view the underlying transaction detail. They can also validate whether subsidiaries have submitted cash flow information to ensure that the cash position is complete and up-to-date.

Having reviewed the daily cash position, users can monitor counterparty credit limits in the Cash Cockpit based on data held in SAP. They can then input the resulting loan or deposit deals directly in the Cash Cockpit which automatically updates SAP, where the relevant payment instructions and accounting entries are produced. Payment requests can also be made directly through Cash Cockpit and passed to SAP for approval, allocation of settlement instructions and transmission to the bank.

An important dimension to the Cash Cockpit is xBAG (external Bank Account Guide). Multinational corporations have multiple businesses worldwide, which will each have a number of bank accounts, and increasingly, these organisations are seeking a central database of this information both for control purposes, and in order to administer bank accounts consistently. With new opportunities such as eBAM (electronic bank account management) emerging, this is becoming an increasingly important priority for treasurers. In SAP, however, there is no master database of bank accounts across all relevant modules; in addition, some data such as cash pool structures and signatory information is absent. Consequently, we have built xBAG as a central inventory for bank account related details both to support processes in the Cash Cockpit, but also processing within SAP itself. This is very valuable for audit purposes, with an audit trail of all additions, changes and deletions.

Companies have the ability to manage bank accounts efficiently, transparently and consistently, including opening and closing accounts, and updating signatory information.

How many companies have implemented the Cash Cockpit so far?

Although the Cash Cockpit has only been available for a short time, two major companies are already using it in live operation, with another customer currently implementing the solution. We are already seeing considerable interest in the Cash Cockpit both amongst existing SAP users, and those that are replacing other ERP or cash and treasury management applications with SAP.

How much could a company expect to pay for the Cash Cockpit?

The pricing will depend on the size of company and the degree of additional development that is required, but typically, license fees for the software are around €30,000-€50,000, plus consultancy support to implement and an annual support fee based on a percentage of the license fee.

What would you highlight as the Cash Cockpit’s competitive differentiators?

The Cash Cockpit elevates the functionality and usability of SAP substantially for treasurers without the need for a substantial additional investment in a separate cash and treasury management system. Indeed, the Cash Cockpit is typically more versatile than these systems as it provides treasurers and cash managers not only with cash management-related data, but also information related to accounting and controlling, and the full range of payments, such as vendor and HR payments.

Unlike other SAP add-ons, Cash Cockpit is not simply an ancillary reporting tool to SAP, it is a fully interactive analysis and transaction initiation tool. Users can action decisions, such as treasury transactions and payments, within the context of controlled, efficient processes.

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