5 Recommended SEO Books for Learning About SEO

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SEO can be difficult to learn due to the sheer volume of information that is available and the constant changes that search engines make to their ranking algorithms. SEO can be boiled down to 3 important goals: creating valuable and relevant content, getting quality links, and making your site easily accessible to search spiders. However, there is a ton of information that can help you accomplish these goals more effectively. Books are good sources of building a strong understanding of important SEO concepts because they are trustworthy and well organized. The downside is that some of the information may become obsolete by the time it goes to print. Here are a few of my recommended books for learning SEO:

Marketing in the Age of Google

This is a great primer for learning the principles of SEO at a high level. Vanessa Fox discusses the basic concepts of SEO and how it fits into a marketing and business strategy. It also makes a strong case for why SEO is important for companies to excel at.

Search Engine Optimization All In One for Dummies

Don’t be fooled by the name; this is an in depth and comprehensive book on SEO that is co-written by one of the most prominent names in the SEO field, Bruce Clay. It consists of 10 books in one and is over 700 pages, so it covers a lot of ground and was released recently in 2009.

The Art of SEO

Probably the best book on SEO that is currently available, The Art of SEO provides a detailed and comprehensive education on SEO from theory to tactics. At over 500 pages it also covers a lot of information and is written by some of leading voices in the SEO field including Rand Fishkin and Eric Enge.

Conversation Marketing

Written by Ian Lurie from the popular blog of the same name, Conversation Marketing provides an introduction to internet marketing strategy. Ian Laurie is great at explaining SEO in a fun, entertaining, and easy to understand way. You can also read the entire book online for free.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets

This upcoming book by the former head of SEO at SEOMoz, is sure to be a solid SEO book based on Danny Dover’s track record. He contributed to the popular Beginner’s Guide to SEO, which is a free online guide to SEO and has helped SEOMoz become a market leader in SEO software.

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