Making Video Part of Your SEO Content Strategy

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Making Video Part of Your SEO Content Strategy
Companies of all different sizes are adding video to their marketing plans in the form of vlogs, online advertisements, or noncommercial additional content. Today’s searchers are seeking out branded videos and it’s up to search engine optimizations (SEO) to make the most of the trend.

Marketers need to remember that the process isn’t as simple as recording, uploading and pressing ‘play.’ They should actively optimize everything for maximum SEO potential using the equation: applying SEO basics + knowing your goals + doing it well = SEO video success.

Apply SEO basics

There’s no reason to be intimidated by videos. Search engines rely on the content surrounding a video, the number and sources of inbound links, and its community engagement so it’s important to do a few things.
First, incorporate keywords into the title, surrounding text and tags. Then, post multiple hosting sites, and allow for interactions such as comments, rating and voting, sharing, video responses, embedding and more. Finally, pursue links in the same way you would for text articles.

Know your goals

It’s a good idea to lay out your goals before production begins. One way to stay focused on those intentions is to bookend your video with information.
This means that the viewer in the first five seconds should know who you are and how to find you and at the end, you should include a call to action, such as “watch the next video,” “subscribe to our blog,” or “visit our website.”  This action can be enabled when using YouTube by inserting a video annotation with links to direct viewers where to go.

Remember that even when promoting a specific product, it’s important that a video is entertaining, original, and useful to the viewer, or otherwise they will click away, or not share the video with their friends.

Set up a way to measure success after you know your goals. Use analytics to see whether your traffic increased, or your subscribers went up directly after you released the video. Being able to see if your video is working will help you know whether to keep exploring your current method or try a new approach.
Do it well

Try applying the following blogging and copy-writing principles to video editing:
  1. Watch for typos. Make time for the editing process to avoid mistakes in your video.
  2. Check your syntax. Check that your video makes sense. Every scene should lead into the next and the editing should be clean.
  3. Stay current. Avoid fads and pre-packaged graphics because they may have worn out their worth by the time your video is uploaded. Do check to see what others have done that is similar and work from that.
  4. Use what you can. It’s fine if you don’t have the highest quality equipment. Use the equipment you have creatively and work from the ground up.
  5. Tie your form to your content. Think of the best ways to get your message across to your viewers.  Is this a how-to? How about an interview? Don’t be afraid to try something new.
Of course there’s more than one way to achieve success using video for online marketing. Try out these ideas and find what works best for you.

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