RECREATION STRATEGY PLAN 2003 - 2013- part 3

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 2.3 Council's Strategic Plan 2001-2006

Devonport Council’s strategic plan is the superior planning document for all other planning documents utilised by Council, which must be lead by the Devonport City Council Strategic Plan 2001-2006. As such the mission, vision and values of this guiding document must be taken into account when developing any recreation strategy and plans.
The strategic plan is outlined in terms of its vision, mission and values and other relevant key components for consideration in this recreation strategy plan. 

2.3.1 Mission

Devonport  City  Council  is  committed  to  excellence  in  Local  Government  through  the  responsive,  cost effective and equitable  provision  of  services  to  the City and  the  enhancement of  the  quality  of  life  of  its residents.

2.3.2 Council's Corporate Vision

Devonport City Council wishes to see Devonport develop as the professional, industrial, social and cultural hub of the north coast of Tasmania. It envisages a predominantly residential City set in parklands with a broad commercial and industrial base, whose residents have a balanced family lifestyle with appropriate and fulfilling work, education, sport, recreational and cultural opportunities.

2.3.3    Council's Corporate Key Values:

The Devonport City Council will endeavour to:
  • Initiate and maintain programs and services which will meet the aspirations of its residents 
  • Ensure that the programs and services are provided in an effective, efficient and equitable manner.
  • Provide sufficient and appropriate financial and human resources to enable the programs and services to be undertaken.
  • Promote the physical, economic, social and political well being of the city and its residents.
  • Improve communications with and encourage the participation of the community in Council activities
These  key  values  have  been  integrated within  this  recreation  planning  project    and within  the  proposed
recreation strategy plan, to reflect the strategic imperatives and values of the Devonport community.

2.3.4 Aim of Leisure Programs
The City of Devonport leisure and recreation specific goals and strategies are as follows:
  1. Goal         :To promote and enhance the lifestyles of Devonport's residents and visitors by providing services and facilities for leisure.  
  2. Description :The  community  of  Devonport  has  a  public  fabric  that  includes  parks,  open  spaces, sportsfields,  with  a  range  of  public  buildings,  sports  halls,  swimming  pools,  bathing beaches, which together with library and cultural facilities, aim to satisfy the needs of the community.This program is designed to provide the leisure environment and facilities for residents and  visitors  to  Devonport.  Demand  for  total  leisure  opportunities  to  cater  for  the community and visitors have led t o the construction of new facilities and enhancement of existing facilities.
  3. Strategies
  • To develop and maintain a complete park system that provides a full range of outdoor leisure opportunities 
  • Develop, maintain and promote the use of council sporting, recreational and cultural facilities
  • Develop and maintain a cycleway network and promote cycling and the use of cycle ways for recreational, school and commuter use. Work with communities to develop sport, recreational and cultural activities
  • Provide  advice  and  assistance  to  community  sporting,  recreational  and  cultural groups.
Refer to Attachment xx, which includes pages 58 –66 of the 2001-2006 Strategy Plan, which details leisure aims  and  objectives  for  Devonport.  This  strategy  plan  is  intended  to  further  develop  and  refine  those strategies, whilst continuing to support in the delivery of the higher order strategic goals of Council.

2.4 Devonport Strategic Planning

It is important that the review of the Devonport Recreation Strategy plan be comprehensively linked back to Council's overarching  Strategic  Plan  2001-2006,  it  is  imperative  that  Council's  vision,  mission,  corporate  objectives  and corporate  plan  be  regarded  as  overarching  guiding  documents  for  the  revision  and  update  of  the  Devonport Recreation Strategy Plan 2003 -2013.
Consistency in all aspects of the Strategic Plan should be reflected in the Recreation Strategy Plan, and updated on a regular basis.
All  aspects  of  Council’s  day  to  day  operations  including  strategic  planning,  policy  development,  capital  works programs, maintenance programs etc should make reference to the Devonport Recreation Strategy Plan. Cascading level of implementation throughout the organization will be critical to achieve the high quality outcomes desired by this Council who demonstrates a high level of demonstrated commitment to sport and leisure provision across the City.
The community consultations saw strong support from Alderman, Council Officers, Sports clubs, recreational groups and the community in general for a continuance of high quality sports and recreation facilities, services and programs over  the  next  10  years.  Identifying  Devonport  as  a  continuing  leader  along  the  North West  Coast  in  sports  and recreation provision.

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