RECREATION STRATEGY PLAN 2003 - 2013 - continue

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2.1 Introduction

The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the sporting and recreational priorities for the next ten (10) year period for the Devonport City Council, its management, staff, Alderman and other key stakeholders or providers of sporting and recreation provision within the municipality. This study is designed to create a 10-year vision for the future leisure and recreational needs of the City, ensuring that Council continue to offer an excellent standard of sporting and recreation provision, with strong linkages to other areas of Council eg  the arts, libraries and other community services.

The Devonport City Council Recreation Strategy plan must:
  • Map the future makeup of the Devonport Community and project their anticipated recreational needs. 
  • Understand the needs of local recreational and sporting groups, to ensure ensure that sporting and recreational infrastructure continues to meet participation trends and expected community demand.
  • Examine  the  efficiency  and  effectiveness  of  the  current  range  of  Council  provided  sporting  and  recreational facilities, including public open space.
  • Examine the range and use of the spectrum of sporting and leisure programs and activities offered in the local community.
  • Endeavour to ensure equity in the provision of recreational facilities and services.
A key part of any future planning must be based upon the quality planning and research which has been undertaken in the past, of which Devonport has several excellent quality studies and research projects in the areas of sport, leisure, aquatics and arts provision.

2.2 Former Planning and Research

As part of this study a review of former key document and planning instruments were reviewed by the consulting team. It is important as a basis of understanding both where Devonport City Council has evolved from, issues it has been facing and the proposed strategies currently being undertaken by Council in terms of strategic and operational directions. Reports utilised when compiling this report included:
  • Census of Burnie and Devonport Suburbs, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2001 Census, 1996 Census and 1991 Census 
  • Central Coast Recreation Strategy, 2000-2003
  • A Recreation Fishing Strategy for the Mersey Region, Francis Lobo - Edith Cowen University
  • Devonport CBD Structure Plan 1997
  • Devonport City Council Statistical information 2001-2002
  • Devonport City Council Strategic Plan 2001 –2006
  • Devonport Recreation Centre, A Report on Management Options, Insight Consulting Services 1996
  • Devonport City Council, New Residents Kit
  • Tasmania Government, Office of Sport & Recreation, Participation Tables Local Government Area of Tasmania 2001 
  • Tasmania  Government,  Office  of  Sport  &  Recreation,  North  West  Tasmania  Participation  in  Sport  and Recreation Activities 2001
  • Indoor Recreation  Facility Plan  for North West  Tasmania Municipal Region, Volume 1 - Hepper Marriott  and Associates 1997
  • Cradle Coast Recreation Planning Framework, May 2001
  • Mersey Bluff Management Plan, Draft Issues Paper 1998

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