Why I trust google

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Why I trust googleBy Ahmed Mazen,

Hello every one and glad to start writing (Why I trust google) Articles series and share my personal opinions with you on the web.

In these series of articles I will try to explain the reasons on a personal experience bases, because I had a small history with Google comparing to another users that can tell more than me about this so, let get start with what I want to tell you.

Reason No 1.

Desire for teaching

Google has an awesome sense of teaching to his users cause Google keeps providing his users with a lot of information's that are available in every product you use starting from searcher and no end for that, actually you can use a plenty of products that Google provide.

If you are using any product that provided by Google, you will be allowed to learn everything that you need by reading articles and watch videos related to the product you use.

Google cares about your full understand of his products value that appears in each single product that provided by Google because the equation is pretty simple 

As long as you observe the information right, your business future is clearly bright

This very short Article is just an Intro to the main subject and it will be explained in the upcoming articles.

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