3 Fundamental Website Analytics to Enhance Digital Strategy

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Having a great website, one that is built based on innovative design solutions and SEO best practices, is only one step to generating a solid ROI for online marketing efforts. What on the website causes visitors to turn into leads? What really makes the phone ring? What is the best online marketing and communications strategy to use for generating sales? The safest and most effective way to answer these questions, and many others, is to rely on website analytics. This tactic, in addition to other proven marketing strategies, can help your business become successful and efficient with limited marketing dollars. Marketing Profs has outlined three pieces of website data that can really shape online marketing efforts.
Enhance your digital strategy by relying on website analytics. 
Take Advantage of Geographic Statistics
The geographic details of consumers can be critical pieces of information to have that help determine opportunities for new sales. Knowing the location of special interest groups or individuals (local or national) can be an insightful indicator to gaining new clients and supporting overall business growth. Geographic data can help shape the context of your customer and allow you to reach out on a more personal level based on the information you already know about this potential lead. A best practice for marketing, whether traditional or online, is to create a persona that allows you to create very targeted messages that will positively affect the consumer. Having this location-based data enhances the accuracy of these marketing personas and, in turn, the quality and effectiveness of your strategic marketing and communications efforts.
Names and Contact Information
This is the most fundamental and sought after information for businesses. Having a potential new client’s name and a way to contact them is sales gold. It is also the best way to nurture the leads if they are interested in your business, but may still be in the research phase – not ready to commit yet. Having this information will allow you to create and customize touch points, so when they are ready to pull the trigger, you are top-of-mind. How do you capture this data you ask? The best answer is by using compelling content and web forms. The steps are simple: create really great content, advertise it as a free download and request basic contact data that then allow consumers to access the information. Based on the information they originally want, you can create customized follow-ups pertaining specifically to that area of expertise. Hook, line, sinker.
On-Page & Traffic Metrics
Traffic and on-page indicators can make the biggest impact in continually improving a website, therefore improving user experience, which Google and other search engines aim for. Having a site remain static with no change can be detrimental to SEO health and also to generating new sales. Your business should constantly be watching the on-page and traffic data and making small changes to the website based on the trends in the analytic reports. You need to routinely update your on-page factors to help facilitate traffic. Identify which pages are bringing in the most traffic and promote those. Be sure to take the reverse approach and optimize those pages not generating much traffic to the site. This can really help define your on-page silos, if based on the proper keywords, and will focus traffic through the appropriate sales funnel.
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