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SEO: three little letters, one massive headache.  You’re constantly being bombarded with reasons as to why it’s essential for your business’s prosperity but perhaps have still to be persuaded as to its benefits.
The reason is very simple. As more and more research activity is conducted online, the need to be visible in the monolithic maze that is the Internet search engine is ever more acute. If you can’t be found online you face the prospect of fading into irrelevance and missing out on key business that doesn’t know you’re there to help them.
Search engines are the most important platform through which potential customers research to solve their problems, and a high-ranking result will enhance trust iand generate traffic. If you’re near the top of the search result then it must surely follow that you’re one of the leading players in your market segment and are naturally placed to solve the searcher’s initial query.
If you’re still in need of convincing, here are five cold hard facts to consider: 
1.    93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
2.    Most users ignore paid ads and place more trust in the top search results
3.    75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results
4.    SEO is the No 1 driver of traffic to websites
5.    SEO leads have 14.6% close rate as opposed to 1.7% for outbound leads
[Source: Search Engine Journal] 
So how to navigate safely through this labyrinth and come out on top? We have established three benchmark areas to boost your SEO visibility.




These should be the focus of your SEO strategy, since keywords, and keyword optimisation are what will determine whether or not your content leaps out of the search engine to ride to the searcher’s rescue. Consider the verticals you serve. Also think about the intense competition the search engine will throw up if your terms are too generic (eg. 'managed services'). The best way to maximise your ROI in your search efforts and improve your ranking is to use as many specific, low-competition highly searched key words as possible (for example, instead of ‘Citrix managed services’, something even more specific like 'Citrix managed virtual desktop services').
Remember the purpose of this is not simply that you will be found by chance but that you will be found by the very people most in need of what you have to offer. 

Stay active

Of course keywords are essential but Google and other search engines have got wise to the practice of keyword stuffing. Firing off into the night every conceivable keyword that might relate to your content will not work. Instead stay active and produce helpful search optimised content. For example Google will always reward a regularly updated B2B company blog, replete with useful industry insights.
It also helps to use social media to encourage people to share content linked back to your website.

Your website

You need to structure your site map accordingly to ensure you will be considered relevant by search engines. It should, of course, contain all the usual stuff company websites were designed for (Homepage, About Us, News, Contact) but an important step to avoid getting lost in the ether, is consistency in your inbound links and anchor text. Download Tracepoint’s free SEO checklist to uncover any steps you might have missed.
Remember that the search engine user was searching for information related to your industry in the first place. Now they’ve found you, your website is a one-off opportunity to influence their decisions with irresistible offers. 
To benchmark where your business is and improve your search rankings, take our free SEO checklist
Tracepoint is passionate about generating powerful SEO strategies that get B2B businesses found online. For these expert insights download our freeebook: The no BS B2B SEO guide.

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