5 ways to increase your social media marketing reach

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Social reach can appear a rather vague metric and, as such, is often overlooked by businesses using social media marketing. However, it is a very important figure because it indicates the true growth in brand awareness achieved through sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is the overall audience of clients and prospects that a brand can reach through its combined social footprint. Or in other words your total audience.

One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing is to expand your audience. A bigger audience means more people to read your content, to notice who you are and what you do, and ultimately increasing the number of leads your business generates.

So how can businesses continue to extend their social reach and increase their chances of gaining warm, or even piping hot, leads?

1. Fully complete your profile and keep it updated

Many businesses will only complete the minimum information required when setting up a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn business page. Presenting an entirely basic window in to your brand, let's face it, you wouldn't settle for that on your website, would you?

Once you have filled out as much detail as possible, you should then remember to keep your pages updated. If your details are static for months on end, visitors will think that you are a business without growth, without innovation. Demonstrate that you are quite the opposite, by updating your profile regularly and posting events & milestones to your Facebook timeline.

2. SEO your social pages

Utilising social media is a fantastic way to jump your business to page one of Google overnight.Social sites like Facebook always appear at the top of search results given their immense size and usage. Therefore, it is essential that you optimise your social pages for search, both through the site itself and through search engines like Google and Bing.

Social Media Marketing Doodles3. Connect your channels

Pretty much every business will have a number of marketing channels, be it your website, email campaigns, newsletters or direct mail pieces. In order to grow the audience on your social media pages, it is good to start with clients and prospects you already have by integrating your social media with these 'non-social' channels.

Make sure you have social buttons (the little bird, the white on blue 'f' etc.) visible on all your web pages, your emails and even on hard-form marketing such as direct mail and business cards. You could even think about adding a QR-code to your business cards and brochures to make social access even easier.

4. Share, share and share

Content is king when it comes to social media, so make sure people can easily share yours. By adding sharing buttons to the bottom of your blog posts and other content, you make it extremely easy for people to share your content and promote your business. 

Similarly, you can increase your audience by finding and sharing others' relevant content. This proves to your audience that you are capable of providing a broad range of useful information and insight and you’re not simply using social media to push your own narrow views. You never know, the author may even return the favour.

5. Engage and interact

TwitterIf someone sends you a message, replies to a tweet, comments on a post or re-tweets your content, then they are taking the time to engage and interact with your brand. It is the perfect opportunity to illustrate the human side behind your brand and engage and interact with your audience.

Do not be afraid of a slightly more informal tone when interacting with your audience over social media – it is expected. Keep it light and friendly where possible and remember that one positive interaction can boost your influence exponentially.

For more help or information about anything to do with social media marketing, get in contact today. You can also fire us your questions through Facebook and Twitter and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

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