Stage 3D & WebGL: Developers get ready for 3D

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By Sumeet

Two years ago our game development company was in dilemma what technology to use for new concept, we wanted to implement in 3D. We sure did not want our game to an installable. We wanted it to run  inside a browser and we did not know how to help ourselves.
At that time the best option was Papervision and Away3d 3 which was library in Action Script 3 and we cannot explain, the pain was excruciating since both the libraries did not use computer graphics card acceleration after rendering of 10,000 triangles the game used to go so slow. We did everything to make it right. From material sizes to removing  lights, everything but we knew with the technology in hand we could not meet our end user expectations. Lucky for us our team had great experience in OpenGL ES, we understood this low level API inside out.  We had done many experiments on iPhone and iPad with it. Android phones had great support for it too. But we knew our knowledge  was useless for web. We did not want to use Unity.

Then came along Stage3d by Adobe, it was fast, damn fast. Render  80,000 triangles with lighting, shadows, fluid mechanics it worked. Beauty of it was that anybody having knowledge of OpenGL could adapt to Stage 3D quickly. The same concepts of Matrices Transformation we used for OpenGL were directly applied in Stage 3D, it was amazing, it was virtually zero learning curve for our game development company. And then came along our personal favorite Air 3.2 so this means use Stage 3d create a browser based game, and recompile for Android, iPhone, iPad it was amazing. Before we could even stop playing with it we were neck deep in WebGL , it was like a dream come true. We could stop trying both of them. We never knew our knowledge of OpenGL ES would just make us future ready. We never knew our knowledge of Matrices and Transformation would just change the way we perceived web.

But what about those people who did not want to learn maths and did want to play with this low level API, it is actually writing code in assembly language when you have Java. It is true both API’s require strong Mathematical background and thorough understand of Matrices. But we love our open source community they have never let us down, Away3D 4, a library using Stage 3D and three.js using WebGL both extremely classy and fast. So you do not need to know anything about mathematics when using any of them.

Sumeet Arora, the founder and CTO of Logic Simplified graduated as an Electronics and Communication Engineer from HCST. Soon after, he joined Webcom Technologies as a Software Engineer. He also worked as a freelance consultant for Bamko Systems and Bell Air Internet.

His primary role in Logic Simplified is to discover new industry verticals and emerging technologies and help the company watch out for more opportunities. He pioneers formulating solutions for specific set of clients, shaping ideas into reality with the help of other important team members. Keeping up to the essence of ‘People’s Company’, he focuses on accelerating growth of every individual working with Logic Simplified.

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