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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing uses the web and social media tools for communication, connectivity, and keeping brands at the front of customers’ minds. Traditional advertising is not as effective as it once was. We’ve become so accustomed to billboards, commercials, and paid ads that we no longer pay much attention to the message.
Marketing of the future is different. It’s about creating a brand that your customers can connect to, building relationships, increasing trust and giving customers the pathways to interact with your company.
Social media marketing is sharing information, gathering comments, free advertising, word of mouth, networking, and referrals. The nature of Social media marketing allows companies to pull information from many sources, and easily connect to a diverse range of target audiences. Real-time customer feedback increases adaptability and decreases response time.

Why use Social Media Marketing?

  • Strong customer relationships convert leads into sales and keep customers coming back.
    • Brand trust encourages customers to do the advertising for you through referrals and word of mouth.
    • The global scale of Social Media Marketing? is powerful because it allows you to grow your social community across multiple locations.
    Companies need Social Media Marketing because it is the primary vehicle for customer engagement. It enables customers to build long-term relationships, participate in two-way conversations, and gain access to support and customer service. Interaction and communication give value to customer input, which not only helps your company improve, but also demonstrates that customer satisfaction is important to you.
    People buy from companies they like. Companies would be foolish not to make the most of their social media marketing because it builds, maintains, and improves relationships with customers.

Is Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies?

Successful B2B Why use Social Media Marketing will do more than just fill the top of the sales funnel. For B2B companies, long-lasting relationships and trust building are critical to boosting sales.
The typical B2B sales cycle can last many months, sometimes as long as a year. Social Media Marketing allows companies to stay engaged with leads during this nurturing period, and keep them interested in the brand. It also provides a platform for leads to interact, gain more information about the product, and move closer to becoming a sale.
The strategies that work for B2C Social Media Marketing do not necessarily translate to B2B. Social Media Marketing can be a powerful tool for B2B companies, but without the right strategies, it could end up wasting time and decreasing productivity.

What will B2B Egypt do for your Is Social Media Marketing?

B2B Egypt are experts in Social Media Marketing and social commerce. We understand how your potential customers use social media technology, and we use that knowledge to develop a social media plan.

Our goal is to create and enhance the Social Media Marketing platforms that will enable our clients to achieve sales success. Our experience and technology will improve your social ROI, expand reach, nurture and convert leads, while simplifying tools for productivity.

Our Social Media Marketing strategies will not undermine your existing marketing strategies. Rather, we will create an effective extension that improves and builds upon your current techniques.

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