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by:Bruce Lee

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Occurred in the middle of the vehicle body jitter, perhaps the owners would be particularly cautious to the mind, but is still not clear what causes. If you encounter a body shake lane road , the owner of the judge and how to solve ? Current automotive school reporters will organize general reasons for the occurrence of jitter body lift occurs when the body shaking their owners worries . Slight jitter can check tire balance Severe jitter may be deformed rims If the driving process , the body was found a slight jitter or offset , the first thought is the tire factor. Might be a poor tire balance , the owners need to do a wheel alignment and balance as soon as possible . Another condition is probably caused by deformation due rims , which requires the owner to repair shop to check . This situation generally occurs in the use of a longer useful life of the vehicle body. General automotive replacement tires , tire balancing have to do a new wheel, otherwise the weight does not mean when the steering wheel is prone to jitter phenomenon. Body shake implied  idle status If you find obvious idle body shake , it may mean that there are three conditions following vehicles : The first is the hydraulic instability. If you have already cleaned up engine deposits , washed throttle , replaced the oil pads and spark plugs , etc., still found the body shake when idling , it is recommended to the 4S shop to check the oil pressure and fuel intake pressure sensor , if the fuel supply pressure is not normal or intake air pressure sensor values ​​will lead to mistakes and poor working body shake . The best solution is to check the oil , replace parts if necessary. Followed by aging or engine parts , such as engines foot aging are likely to occur so that the body shake . In fact, the engine is the engine of foot suspension system , engine responsible for absorbing feet when the engine is running fine jitter, if the engine foot problems, these vibrations will be transmitted to the steering wheel, the cab . The third is the engine throttle is too dirty or too much coke injector causing jitter. When too much coke , cold start injector head out of petrol will be a lot to absorb carbon, resulting in a cold start mixture too lean , difficult to start . And after the car \'s gasoline adsorbed on carbon vacuum suction will be sucked into the engine cylinder combustion, the mixture thickens , when the concentration of combustible gas mixture during lean engine , causing idle jitter. The solution is to clean the oil , check the idle speed motor whether carbon should be cleaned.

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